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Florence Cathedral is a unique church: its roots lie in Antiquity, its walls originate from the Middle Ages – but its art treasures and the breathtaking cupola bear witness to an era that changed Europe forever.

The cathedral contains an astonishing wealth of artworks: the baptistery with its golden mosaics and the masterful portals, Giotto’s bell tower, the fantastic visual realm of the cupola frescoes and last but not least, the groundbreaking sculptures of Donatello and Michelangelo.

But most intriguing is the story of the enormous cupola: How could a goldsmith with no experience as an architect achieve the impossible and create the largest masonry dome of all time? Filippo Brunelleschi revolutionised architecture - and nurtured a bitter rivalry with his colleague Lorenzo Ghiberti, who in turn created an unparalleled masterpiece with his “Gates of Paradise".

But the Reconquista was looming. After the "Catholic Monarchs" Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon had united, they waged the final war against Granada. After ten years of fighting, they signed a treaty with the last Emir Boabdil offering generous tolerance to Jews and Muslims. But they had long since started the Spanish Inquisition, and the spirit of tolerance wasn't going to last for long. Nevertheless, in 1492 Boabdil surrendered the keys to the Alhambra. The Nasrid dynasty had fallen.

And you will fall as well: in love with this place.

The Beginnings

On the outside fortified walls - on the inside fairytale palaces where poets once held the highest office: The Alhambra recounts the story of the last Iberian muslim dynasty between tolerance and treason, of sophisticated lifestyles under permanent threat...



  • Florence Cathedral
  • c/ Piazza del Duomo/n
  • 50122 Florence


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