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The National Art Museum of Catalonia

1000 years of art: the "Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya", or MNAC, offers a complete overview of art from the beginnings of Catalonia in the Middle Ages to the Second World War. It was founded in the 19th century as part of the cultural renaissance of Catalonia.

From the greatest Romanesque frescoes to the beauty and imagination of Art Nouveau, the MNAC shows the masterworks of a millennium of Catalan culture. At the same time the exhibits relate the history of Catalonia with all its triumphs and tragedies.

First and foremost, the MNAC's collection of Romanesque art is considered one of the largest and most important ones in the world. Its highlight is a collection of outstanding Romanesque frescoes dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries. They were rescued from small churches in the Pyrenees in the 1920s and can now be seen in replicas of the original architecture. The collection of Gothic art also contains outstanding works from all areas of the former Kingdom of Aragon.

A second focus is the collection of Modern Art with large works of Catalan Modernism, Noucentisme, and the avant-garde. The perfect place to get lost in the serene beauty of Art Nouveau, or ponder the novel ideas of radically modern artists...

Focus on Madrid: The Great Spanish Masters

The Renaissance changed Europe. For Catalonia it brought decline: After the unification of Spain, the country's centre was Madrid, colonisation reduced the importance of Mediterranean trade. In the 18th century King Felipe V suppressed Catalan culture...

Renaixença and Modernisme: Revival of Catalan Culture

19th century Catalonia was a centre of industrialization. The economic boom brought new self-awareness leading to the Renaixença, or "Rebirth" of Catalan language and culture. The "Modernisme" then made Barcelona one of the capitals of Art Nouveau...


  • Museu Nacional d´Art de Catalunya
  • Plaça dels Àngels, 1
  • 08001 Barcelona


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