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The Berlin Egyptian Museum
The Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection contains one of the world's most important collections of ancient Egyptian art, the highlights of which are exhibited in the New Museum ("Neues Museum") - including treasures such as the Berlin Green Head and a unique collection of finds from Amarna, the capital of Pharaoh Akhenaten.

His wife, Queen Nefertiti, whose portrait bust is one of the most famous works of art in world history, is considered the "most beautiful Berliner". The bust is almost three and a half millennia old - and yet so well preserved that it never had to be restored.

The Museum

The "Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection" is one of the most renowned collections in the world, on display at the spectacular "New Museum". The exhibition takes visitors through 4.000 years of one of the greatest and most evocative civilizations of human history, showing daily life along the Nile river, kings and gods, and life after death.

Art from Amarna - Akhenaton and His Wife

Towards the end of the 18th dynasty, pharaoh Amenhotep IV came to power. In the fifth year of his reign he introduced a new religion, changed his name to Akhenaton and moved his capital to a newly built city he called Akhetaten. After his death, it was abandoned and forgotten - until it was rediscovered in the 19th century, now called Amarna.


The people living in Ancient Egypt believed in a pantheon of gods who influenced all aspects of nature, of daily life and society. Ordinary people would ask the gods for help but the most important person was the pharaoh. He acted as a mediator between the people and the gods; it was his job to keep the gods happy and maintain order in the universe.

Dignitaries and Their Families

Apart from wall paintings and reliefs, Egyptian art is most famous for its abundance for statues. In tombs in particular, archeologists found figures, not only of pharaohs but of high-ranking administrators and their wives. Thanks to the desert climate even many wooden statues have been preserved. They tell us a lot about the values of Egyptian society...


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