Mummy masks

These mummy masks were made either of layers of linen, or of what's known as "cartonnage", a type of papier mache made of papyrus waste. They were stiffened with gesso and then painted.Such masks were placed over the head and shoulders of the mummified body. Often, the faces are gilded, indicating that after mummification, the deceased has left the realm of the living and taken his or her place among the gods. According to Egyptian writings, "gold is the flesh of the gods". The transformation of a mortal human into an immortal, god-like being is not just the purpose of the religious texts, it's also the main function of the mummy. It's like a process of pupation, and afterwards, the human being receives a new, divine body.

At the bottom of this wall, you can see the painted covers of these mummies' feet on display. From head to toe, the entire body can be identified with various gods, as a special chapter of the Egyptian Book of the dead recounts:

„My hair is the hair of Nu,
my face is the face of Ra,
my eyes are the eyes of Hathor,
my ears are the ears of Up-uat. (pron. Wep wawat)
My backbone is the backbone of Set,
my phallus is the phallus of Osiris,
Thoth protecteth my body altogether,
land I am Ra day by day."